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Lucy joined Debt Busting Level Debt on March 25th, 2019, with $32,742 in debt and a 736 FICO.

Her balances grew to during the first 90 days as the negotiations occurred to $36,617 and she received over $22,788.12 in Balance Reduction, are almost 63%

Congratulations to the Level team for getting such great results for Lucy, saving her $22,788.12 on principal balances alone, cutting her payments in half, and getting her debt free in on year!

Lucy’s beginning FICO score was 736 and her ending FICO was 728. Her balances went from $32,742 and ended at $1,428, with a great FICO score, and ended the the program ready to live Debt Free!

Lucy's Credit Report Before Us

Lucy's Credit Report After Graduating

Read about Greg and Linda

Greg and Linda Bermes Joined Debt Busting Level on 5/17/2018 with a 549 Fico and $78,095 in Debt

This awesome couple joined with a total usnecured debt of $78,095. Level succesfully received balance reduction on these eight debts and one that had a summons on it. Linda passed away on 9/6/2019, and when Linda passed away, we succesfully removed all of her debt as part of the program. On the remaining debt, we received 51.1% balance reductions, saving $11,188.92 in princpal while growing Greg’s FICO score from 549 to 684. 

Greg’s FICO before he joined was 549. Distressed. Could not borrow, or get good rates, and was in a place of high stress due to Linda’s medical needs. After graduating our program his FICO was 684, a prime score and a recovery of 135 points!

Greg's Report Before Us FICO at 549

Greg's Report After Graduation FICO to 684

As you can see from these real customers, our services help our clients receive debt balance reductions of 40, 50, or 60% on accounts and if they sucesfully complete the program, their FICO scores can achieve full recovery or improvement to and over 700.

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