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DEBT STRATEGY is here to help with credit card and unsecured debt. Debt relief programs, consolidation loans, ore other relief resolution options should be held as a reserve option for those who cannot find a way out of their current situation with the strategies outlined below.

Making payments for things you bought in your past is like chaining weights to your ankle. You can’t invest in the future when you’re locked up in debt. A budget helps you free up your income fast.

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Budget Your Way to Zero Debt

No matter your age, your profession or your income, sticking to a monthly budget is hands down the (not-so) secret tool to paying off debt fast and building wealth. It helps you manage where every dollar of your income is going. Below are your next steps.

Build Your List

List all your monthly expenses including debt and loan payments. You’ll need this handy for step 2.


Create Your Free Budget

Forget complicated spreadsheets. Here’s an app that makes things easy for you and it’s free—the EveryDollar budget app. Once you download the app, you’ll plug in your expenses (from step 1) and the app does all the calculations for you.


Find More Money

Once you start budgeting, you may find extra money available to put toward paying off your debt


Tackle Your Debt

Now, it’s time to take back your money! You’ll start attacking debt from the smallest to the largest until all debt is paid off. You’re on your way to no more debt payments—ever!

Now execute the snowball method – targeting the smallest accounts to be paid off in full the fastest to give you encouragement as the payoffs start to accrue. If your budget is negative, or has less than $250/month in net flow, it may be time to consider other options. Consider getting a 100% free debt analysis by a certified personal financial analysis at 855-955-0100; or research both consolidation loans((link) or debt relief options


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